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Where Do You Draw the Line?

Kia Motors Design

The answer: a little further each time. Pushing the boundaries is the only way to step forward into the future. New avenues need to be explored, innovative elements and cutting-edge technology need to be fused together in a formidable coalition of form and function. Outside, every line must have meaning and perform two roles: mesmerizing beauty and aerodynamic efficiency. Inside, it’s an age-old formula: a place for everything and everything in its place.

Taking the next step, then, is no easy task but with the right vision anything is possible. The world is changing. Market dynamics dictate a paradigm shift, be it crossover SUV designs or a transition to electric and shared mobility. One thing is clear: it must have unmistakable design enveloping the latest technology for comfort, safety, environment-friendliness, and connectivity.

Kia Motors Design Kia Telluride

Proactive engagement will always trump reactive answers and there are no finer examples than what Kia have imagined for the future. They symbolize the past embedded smartly into the present, the not-so-distant future, and the future. With these offerings, Kia have brought their exponential learning curve to life.

Kia Motors Design Imagine by Kia


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