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Kia Motors may be a new name in India for many, but, in the big picture, have shown a learning curve so phenomenal, it makes every step they take seem like an exponential leap forward. The company is going from strength to strength; we can only wonder what the future holds. Or, maybe, we have a glimpse right here.

Kia Motors Design

Story: Jim Gorde
Images: Kia Motors

Kia Motors Design

Aligning Form and Function

Foresight isn’t easy. Not everyone has it. To look where we are going is one thing, but to know where we are headed is a different matter altogether. Yet, somehow, someone always knows something that others don’t. If they choose to accept that reality and proceed with caution, they end up ahead of the rest. Many of whom were left behind simply because they embraced a reality long past its expiry date. When it comes to making strides, some brands have seen progress, but for Kia, it has been a continuous and committed rise up the order. From small hatchbacks such as the Picanto, Rio, and the venerable Ceed to the more modern and larger ProCeed and Stinger GT sports car ― the latter of which challenges iconic names in the performance space ― Kia have come a long, long way. Branching out and learning is as important as strengthening core values and offerings. Kia have been busy doing both. With environmental uncertainty and with the way things appear to be going, Kia seem to have a multi-pronged approach and it’s fair to say the future is shaping up to be bright. That they have won 24 prestigious Red Dot Awards thus far, including three this year, is testimony to their commitment.

Kia Motors Design Kia Soul EV

New Kia Soul EV brings everyday practicality

Kia Motors Design Kia ProCeed GT-Line

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Believes that learning never stops, and that diesel plug-in hybrids are the only feasible immediate future until hydrogen FCEVs take over.

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