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  • NOVEMBER 2023

    NOVEMBER 2023

    Festive Boost The sales of new cars are witnessing record numbers during the current festive season with sport utility vehicles (SUV) accounting for over 50 per cent of those. The automobile industry is witnessing a […]

  • OCTOBER 2023

    OCTOBER 2023

    Toll and Tax: Anomalies AplentyThere is no clarity as regards toll collection in the state of Maharashtra. According to the Deputy Chief Minister, there is a toll exemption for private cars and it should be […]

  • SEPTEMBER 2023

    SEPTEMBER 2023

    Much Room for Improvement In India we pay one of the highest road taxes on cars in the world. If that is not enough, the government charges toll on our highways. The FASTag system is […]

  • AUGUST 2023

    AUGUST 2023

    Car India Turns 18The Car India magazine celebrates its 18th anniversary this month. On this occasion I would like to thank all our readers for their support over the past 18 years. I would also […]

  • JULY 2023

    JULY 2023

    Of Indigenous Safety Norms It has been announced that from October 2023 onwards India will have in place its own safety rating for cars. We need to wait and see if we are going to […]

  • JUNE 2023

    JUNE 2023

    Of ICE and EV Although the sales of new cars have gained momentum in the month of May, those of the entry-level ones are still not doing that well. Last month I got an opportunity […]