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VW_Projekt_XL_Sport_1_webThe Ducati Panigale is one of the most performance oriented bikes on our streets today. So what happens when the head honchos of global car brand Volkswagen pay a visit to the Bologna-based motorcycle giants?

Sparks are set to fly.

A motorcycle engine in a sportscar? You would scratch your heads, stating it is ridiculous! Well, not if you are Volkswagen. The German marque has plans to develop a sportier version of their XL1 Hybrid which will be powered by the engine from a Ducati 1199 Panigale.

The first thing which comes to your mind is certainly, ‘Why Ducati?’ And why Panigale? Well, let us throw the necessary light on this. Ducati is owned by Audi, who are a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group. And that takes care of the shared technology bin.

The VW XL Sport project infact is the brain-child of a group of students at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria. VW technicians have stated that the XL Sport project, once completed with its beastly 1,198cc mill, will be capable of producing roughly around 190 PS, thus making it more than enough to push the 795 Kg XL1 into sportscar territory.

All said and done, we still feel that the radical XL Sport will be no more than a mere concept once completed. What are your takes?



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