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hyundai-i20-red car indiaHyundai and Maruti-Suzuki offers petrol rebates on small cars; while government mulls increasing excise duty on diesel cars

Since the government’s decision to hike the petrol prices by a whooping Rs 7.50 a few days back, it has been very hard for the common man. With rising prices in almost all the commodities, it looks like there is very little for the common man to cheer about. Still there is a bit of lhope left to ease the pain from the minds of the consumers especially when it comes to the four wheel market in India.

Small-car manufacturers like Hyundai and Maruti-Suzuki are releasing print adverts in the Indian market focusing on the aspect of spiraling petrol prices for their future customers. Hyundai have come up with a scheme on their two primary models Eon and i10, providing monetary savings and also the refund on incremental petrol cost on both these models, and Maruti-Suzuki have also acted quite similarly while implementing schemes on their Wagon R, Alto K10 and Alto.

In other related news, the government is now proposing to raise the excise duty on diesel cars, instead of directly raising diesel prices which may lead to further inflation. The move is also an effort to stop people from buying cars that run on heavily sub-subsidized fuel, considering the huge and constantly-widening gap between the prices of diesel and petrol. According to industry sources, the said proposal is currently pending approval in the House but no decision has been taken on it yet.  


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