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The Continental Curved Ultrawide Display is being showcased at CES 2023. “Ultrawide” refers to a width of 1.29 metres, curving from one A-pillar to the other.

The 47.5-inch TFT display is illuminated by more than 3,000 LEDs on a 7,680 by 660 pixel active area. The matrix backlight produces excellent high-contrast picture quality and offers the option of dimming individual screen areas that are not needed. This local dimming technology saves power and improves readability. 

The curved pillar-to-pillar display is a driver, central and passenger screen in one. It offers vehicle manufacturers a high level of design freedom to create a futuristic, high-end cockpit and display content on a seamless screen surface. With a radius of 4,200 millimetres, the curved surface integrates into the vehicle front, ensuring that the user sees distant screen areas for a full and relaxing experience. The operating concept is based on an invisible display that becomes visible on demand and enables convenient and safe control. Volume production of the Continental Curved Ultrawide Display is planned for 2025.

“The Curved Ultrawide Display creates a driving experience that users can fully immerse themselves in. The high intensity and quality radiate throughout the vehicle, transforming the car into a living room on wheels. With the extravagant screen shape, we are fulfilling the needs of our customers who place great value on a high-quality visual experience,” said Philipp von Hirschheydt, head of the User Experience Business Area at Continental. “Screens that combine emotion and safety are becoming an important purchasing decision. With the Curved Ultrawide Display, we are further expanding our pioneering role as a technology leader in this dynamic market characterized by rapid technological change.” 

In2visible Display
Interaction with the pillar-to-pillar display is supported by an integrated control display, that appears only when it is needed. This unique display solution prevents unnecessary information from distracting the driver. The panel can also be used to control areas that are out of arm’s reach for the user. The haptic feedback of the panel makes it possible to operate the pillar-to-pillar display without having to take your eyes off the road. Covered by a semi-transparent surface the invisible display is integrated seamlessly into the interior design surface, both visually and haptically. When the display is not needed, it is invisible. It does not appear as an empty black space, instead it merges with the decorative surface to form a single unit, in a wood, carbon or any other premium look and feel. In addition, a special matrix backlight is used. This lighting technology allows content to be displayed in the required brightness and with the highest possible contrast in any lighting situation, without a visible background (also known as the “postcard effect”). 

“The combination of our In2visible Technology with the Curved Ultrawide Display is unique because it solves the problem of how to keep the growing screens in the cockpit operable. Pillar-to-pillar displays in particular present a challenge of finding operating solutions that allow the driver and front passenger to reach the entire screen. The seamlessly integrated control panel, within the driver’s reach, solves this problem in the most elegant manner while also granting the request of many drivers to operate the display via touch control,” said Kai Hohmann, product manager Display Solutions at Continental. 

CES Innovation Award for Driver Identification Display 

With the Driver Identification Display, Continental is presenting another innovation at CES 2023. The display solution adds a new feature to driver monitoring by enabling contactless, secure driver authentication by face authentication. This is ensured by trinamiX’s sensor seamlessly integrated into the display as well as its associated software, which provides protection against fraud attempts by third parties. The trinamiX Face Authentication enables a fast and reliable driver authentication and thus allows for applications such as in-car payment without needing additional devices. The Driver Identification Display won the CES Innovation Award in the category “Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility”.

Story: Sumesh Soman

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