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Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. Is a Chinese battery maker and supplies Tesla with the batteries for their models. In a recent interview, the company’s chairman claimed that a new battery is ready to roll off the line – one that will have a lifespan of 1.24 million miles.
That seems like a tall claim, but this is the company whose batteries power the foremost electric carmaker in the world in Tesla, and also supply to one of the world’s biggest carmakers, EV or IC, in Volkswagen, so they definitely know their business. Since the life of the battery is currently one of the many detriments that dissuade people from EVs, if this advanced new battery is real, it could prove to be another nail in the coffin of green energy nay-sayers. The chairman also confirmed that the cost of this new battery would be only 10% more expensive than the ones they currently sell, so it isn’t like the tech won’t be accessible, and apparently, the battery will come with the 1.2 million-mile (2 million kilometres) or 16-year warranty from its maker. For context, batteries offer 8 years of warranty or 150,000 miles worth in the current scene, so that is quite the mighty leap.

With technological advancements of this sort gathering pace, it won’t be surprising to see electric mobility solutions overtake internal combustion engines as the powerplant of choice for mainstream carmakers in the coming years. We’ll have to wait and see if the next generation of Tesla, VW, or indeed any other car manufacturer suddenly offer a battery with this extended warranty period before anything like that happens though.

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