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Two-wheeled enthusiasts motorised or not have a reason to be happy about. Jaguar Land Rover have announced the ‘Bike Sense’ technology which detects cyclists and motorcyclists on the road and alerts the driver in case of a possible accident. This is done by simulating colours, sounds and touch inside the cabin compartment. The smartly designed technology alerts the driver of a cyclist or motorcyclist in the proximity by a tap on the shoulder and also by simulating a cycle bell’s ringing sound or a motorcycle’s horn. In addition to this, if the driver is about to open the door in the passage of an oncoming cyclist or motorcyclist, vibrating door handles lighten up and warns the driver of fellow motorists on the road. In terms of visual warning, a matrix of LED lights placed in the window sills, dashboard and pillars glow from amber to red depending upon the proximity of the cycle or motorcycle. Also, in case the driver is unaware of crossing pedestrians and cyclists due to an obscuring stationary vehicle, the driver is notified via a vibrating accelerator pedal. The technology is also capable sensing a group of cyclists or pedestrians and intelligently prioritises and warns the driver about the nearest possible collision to avoid. The intuitively designed technology makes use of the cognitive reactions and engages the instinctive reaction of the driver thus allowing for a safer driving environment. Watch the video at the end of the page to see this amazing technology at work.

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