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Jeep Easter Eggs

In a story that has taken meme portals and social media by storm, Jeep owners are discovering “Easter Eggs” on or in their cars. From lizards to spiders to stick figures, different Jeep owners are finding different little unexpected elements or ‘Jeep Easter Eggs’ on their cars and posting it online. Some people have called it a hoax, while others have scrambled to their garage to see if their car has one too. But what’s the real deal behind these Jeep Easter Eggs and their sudden appearance? We put on our investigating hats and set out to see what we could find.

The truth is that the American brand has taken its inspiration from the culture of Easter Egg hunts and hidden these fun touches in their cars with the idea that the keen-eyed owner and one who pays close attention to his or her car would eventually stumble upon it. For those who aren’t familiar with Easter and egg hunts in the traditional sense, but feel like they have come across this kind of thing before, Easter Eggs hidden in video games follow the same concept too. And now, so do the folks at Jeep. Here’s how an official press release explains things –

“A similar tradition belongs to the Jeep brand, which has made “Easter Eggs” an integrated step in the creation process of each vehicle, and a distinctive, very special design feature.  ‘Easter Eggs’ are hidden decorative motifs that Jeep stylists conceal in Jeep vehicles, meant to be discovered throughout time by their owners.

“These hidden gems are unique and unexpected, they change from one Jeep vehicle to another and can be found both on the exterior and on the interior. Originally, Easter Eggs were an offhand addition of a graphic to an otherwise standard part of the vehicle but over the course of the years, they developed into something typical of Jeep design.  Often, they are styling cues that recall the brand’s design heritage – such as the seven-slot grille or iconic Jeep models like the Wrangler – to underscore the original roots of Jeep’s design philosophy. Other times they take inspiration from nature or the spirit of adventure. Often they can be found in small functional areas, such as storage compartments, to be discovered by customers during the daily use of their vehicle.”

The image they have provided with this release is a great example of this approach. A little silhouette of an old-school Jeep model has been concealed on the outer lip of a wheel. So yes, Jeep Easter Eggs are a thing, and the only reason you haven’t found one yet on your own car is that you haven’t looked hard enough!

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