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 Rolls-Royce Black Badge web

Rolls-Royce have introduced the Black Badge models of the Ghost and Wraith in India starting from Rs 4.93 crore (ex-showroom).

Among the most coveted models, Rolls-Royce have introduced their higher-performance Black Badge iterations of the Ghost super-luxury saloon and the Wraith coupé. Beyond dawn and dusk, the Black Badge cars represent the highest performance ever offered by the marque. From the black-finished front grille to the wheels and the overall after-dark treatment to the cars, there is an aspect that appeals to a certain breed of car-buyer or, rather, car enthusiast.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge Int web

Still powered by massive 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 engines, the Ghost Black Badge and Wraith Black Badge promise even more exhilarating performance. Although a recent update has taken the Ghost from 780 Nm to 820 Nm, the Black Badge car still delivers a heftier torque output of 840 Nm between a wider 1,650 and 5,000 rpm band. The accompanying jump in power output is 42 PS, taking the total to 612 PS. However, the weight of the car has also gone up by 50 kg, not too bad considering the increase in output and the whole lot of attitude that the new design brings. The Black Badge is based on the standard wheelbase model, and not the extended version.

Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge web

The Wraith Black Badge, on the other hand, gets the same 632 PS, but a more potent 870 Nm of torque peaking between 1,700 and 4,500 rpm. The weight is still 2,360 kg, so that would translate a niftier sprint time, should you ever feel a little adventurous with your right foot and put the potential to the test. The spec sheets peg it at a tenth quicker in the acceleration runs – 4.5 seconds from 0-100 km/h. The top speed is still limited to 250 km/h.

Needless to say, both cars can be personalised to your heart’s content. Rolls will let you choose a headliner and its stitching, you can even have racing stripes. The price that they can begin to be acquired is Rs 4.93 crore for the Ghost Black Badge and Rs 5.28 crore for the Wraith Black Badge, both ex-showroom, Mumbai.

Following the drop in exchange rate of the Pound Sterling, the prices have seen a positive revision. The revised base prices (without any personalisation, ex-showroom, Mumbai) are as follows:

Ghost (standard wheelbase): Rs 4.37 crore
Ghost Extended Wheelbase: Rs 4.86 crore
Wraith: Rs 4.69 crore
Dawn: Rs 5.70 crore

The next-generation Phantom is expected to be revealed by the end of this year, with the ‘Cullinan’ super-luxury SUV reaching closer to production as well.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Black Badge web

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