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Guess who’s back? Back again. The Humvee’s back. Tell your friends.

If you’ve always wanted a big, American army vehicle turned into a passenger car that fit in the track width of a battle-tank and came with mine-resistant flooring and a 400+ mm ground clearance, you’re in luck. The iconic Hummer H1 is back!

History in a (rather large) nut-shell (courtesy AM General):

In 2013, AM General entered into an agreement with Humvee Export LLC and preparations began for production of the new C-Series. A culmination of years of Humvee expertise and an understanding of the modern market, the C-Series offers consumers worldwide the opportunity to experience legendary Humvee prowess for themselves. Today’s enthusiast wants performance, reliability, technology and style more than ever before, and the C-Series is crafted to meet these expectations.

Assembly of the C-Series commenced in 2015 with distribution slated for 2016. Under the scrutiny of Humvee enthusiasts around the globe, AM General and Humvee Export are pleased to introduce the Humvee C-Series, a new generation of mobility and agility to meet the challenges of today’s world. Go farther, with greater convenience than ever before.

On 21 January, earlier this year, Qingdao Free Trade Import and Export Co Ltd of Qingdao, China agreed to make a strategic investment into Humvee Export of St Clair, Michigan and become a minority share holder in the company. A signing ceremony took place at the head quarters of the Automobile Trading Port in Qingdao.

Qingdao Free Trade Import and Export Co Ltd is the exclusive Humvee Export appointed distributor of the Humvee C-Series in China, Hong Kong and Macau. VLF Automotive will build the car for Humvee Export.

What that means is, while GM may have killed the ‘Hummer’ brand, the actual cars were never really buried. Or, maybe they were, because now they’ve resurfaced, just as they were, with a few changes – three changes – to the engine line and the addition of LED headlamps.

While the 300-PS 6.6-litre turbo-diesel Duramax V8 is property of GM and not on the cards, the 6.5-litre diesel V8 originally offered is up for orders. The 6.5-litre V8 diesel is available in three choices: 190 PS and 522 Nm, 205 PS and 597 Nm or 250 PS and 597 Nm. Furthermore, there’s also an LS3 petrol 6.2-litre V8-powered version with 430 PS and 575 Nm. The transmission doing duty is the 4L85 four-speed automatic.

Performance-wise, the Humvee C-Series retains its incredible off-road ability – offering 16 inches (406 mm) of ground clearance, a 48° approach angle, 38° departure angle and 25° ramp breakover angle with the capability to traverse a 60° grade and a 40° side slope. It can also take on 30 inches (760 mm) of water. Dimensions are just the same, with the slantback version retaining the three-piece box frame with five cross-members. It’s 4,928 mm long, 2,184 mm wide (without mirrors), 1,930 mm tall, and runs a wheelbase measuring 3,302 mm. It weighs in at a proper Humvee-like 3,493 kg.

Other bits include the GKN half-shafts, Torsen diffs, steel bumpers, and the main and auxiliary fuel tanks. The wheels and tyres are CTIS-ready (Central Tyre Inflation System) and run in two pieces – 8.5×17- aluminium wheel rims with Kevlar-enforced Good Year Wrangler 37×12.5-inch R17 LT MT/R tyres. The C-Series is available in a choice of four matte-finish paint shades and low-gloss urethane coating. There are three variants to choose from: Bravo, Charlie, and Delta – apt, aren’t they? The entry variant ‘Bravo’ has a soft top with soft doors, optional CTIS and does not offer the choice of the 250-PS diesel.

Humvee C-Series web

No, they can’t sell in the US and, again, the C-Series will only be sold in China, Macau and Hong Kong, leave India aside. However, France-based Paul Chedid Automotive Group are handling dealer duties and will cater to Africa and western Europe. As someone who was distraught back in 2009 when the announcement came, this news was more than a bit of a brightener.

Watch this space for more on this development.

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