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The electric vehicle collaboration between Sony and Honda is a lesson for corporate Japan. Despite their tightly guarded independence, the two corporations came to an agreement.

Sony Corp and Honda Motor Co Ltd announced a partnership to develop and sell battery-powered electric vehicles, with the companies saying they were open to bringing in additional partners.


In a statement, the firms announced they would form a joint venture this year and hope to start selling the first model in 2025. According to them, Honda will manufacture the first vehicle, while Sony will build the mobility service platform.

“In the joint venture, we would like to lead the mobility revolution by combining our technology and experience with Honda’s long experience in mobility development and vehicle body manufacturing technologies,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said.

Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe said at a news conference in Tokyo on Friday that while he is not considering taking the joint venture public right now, he would not rule it out as a way to grow the company. The announcement comes as the electronics giant seeks to advance its ambitions to become a major player in next-generation automobiles, at a time when automakers such as Honda are under pressure to produce carbon-free vehicles with features that go beyond those found in traditional modes of transportation.

Because electric vehicles are easier to construct than cars with internal combustion engines, the rapid shift to adopt them around the world, fueled by a global campaign to reduce carbon emissions, provides an opportunity for tech companies to enter the auto sector.

At the same time, those tech businesses must meet stringent vehicle safety rules and develop vehicles that can withstand often harsh driving conditions. Yoshida revealed in January that he was forming a new firm, Sony Mobility, with the goal of commercialising electric automobiles.

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