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Sony Mobility will debut in the first half of 2022.

Sony have announced the formation of Sony Mobility, Inc., an electric car branch at Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with aspirations to create and sell their own car. 


It’s easy to dismiss Sony’s announcement as another firm jumping on the electric vehicle bandwagon. After all, Sony debuted their Vision-S concept car at CES 2020 two years ago. The vehicle was not intended to be sold at the time, but rather to serve as a demonstration for the company’s sensor technology, which it anticipated would be adopted by other vehicle manufacturers. The fact that the corporation has unveiled a second concept, the Vision S02, and formed a car company indicates that they have plans to sell the car this time.

Sony are already a market leader in the types of sensors and cameras required to provide a car with the data it requires to negotiate congested city streets. That is the true objective. It’s no longer simply about developing a car powered by a massive battery. Sony aim to develop a car that is fully autonomous to the extent that the user can be driven to their destination with zero input towards driving.

At the presentation, Sony also showed an electric concept automobile that featured 33 integrated sensors, including image sensors and solid-state light detection and ranging  Lidar sensors.

Sony’s in-vehicle entertainment systems with spatial audio technology are also included in the concept car which was built with the cooperation of Bosch, Continental, and other partners.

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