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Eaton Technologies manufacture differentials and other componentry for different original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Here is what you need to know

eaton differentials

It is common knowledge that a machine is made of components and each of those parts plays a vital role in the machine’s performance. Eaton Technologies are a power solutions company and it has made a mark in the automotive industry by supplying high-tech componentry to some of the major car manufacturers. The company currently supplies differentials for cars including the Mahindra Scorpio and the Mahindra Thar. Furthermore, it also offers after-market options for Tata and Isuzu sport utility vehicles (SUV).

Differentials are an essential part of four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive systems. The basic function of a differential is to allow both wheels on an axle to turn at different speeds. Modern cars have larger demands than that, especially off-road-focused machinery.

eaton differentials

The Mahindra Scorpio-based pick-up truck that is sold abroad comes equipped with a mechanically locking differential (MLD). This is particularly useful for cars that do not rely on electronics because this differential locks as soon as there is a difference in the levels of traction between the rear wheels. When the wheel speed difference exceeds 100 rpm, a flyweight mechanism triggers a clutch system which further causes ramping against the corresponding side gear. This force keeps increasing until the speeds of both axles match (full lock), preventing further wheel slip. Above 32 km/h, the locking mechanism will not engage.

eaton differentials

Thus, essentially, this functions as a limited slip differential during normal driving and only locks the differential when needed. This design does not require much maintenance and no lube additives and Eaton claim that the patented carbon friction disc technology enhances performance and durability.

Story: Joshua Varghese

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