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A Hyundai dealership in Brazil have done what we could only have dreamed of – they have made a dog, Tucson Prime, an honorary employee.

dog hyundai dealership brazil

Dogs are human’s best friends but a Hyundai dealership in Brazil went a step further and promoted a dog to the status of human’s best colleague. The dog, now named Tucson Prime, used to linger around the Hyundai dealership at Serra in the state of Espirito Santo, Brazil. After the canine befriended the employees of the showroom, they were convinced that he had the skills to make it big in sales. They referred him to a position in the hospitality sector where he was expected to deal directly with customers who walked in. Of course, Tucson Prime landed the job without much difficulty, donned his ID card and has been smartly receiving the customers who walk into the showroom.

Tucson Prime’s reputation as a charmer spread through town and now people visit the showroom with the primary goal of interacting with the umm..top dog. Jokes aside, dog lovers and nice people all over the world have appreciated this kind gesture. Meanwhile, having settled in life with a full-time job, Tucson Prime took to Instagram as well and is currently a celebrity with over 42,000 followers. Along with the good people of Brazil, we also hope Tucson Prime continues his exemplary service at the dealership without being sidetracked by the Insta influencer life.

Some claim that Tucson Prime’s picture was taken at a Kolkata dealership. It was most certainly not. However, dealerships in India may be open to follow in the footsteps of their Brazilian counterparts.

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