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Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM), a subsidiary of Tata Motors launched their TATA.ev stores, that caters solely to EV customers, in Sector 14 & Sohna Road, Gurugram. The showrooms will be open to public starting 07 January 2024.

These new dealerships are a departure from the conventional showrooms and they are designed around the core values of sustainability, community, and technology. These showrooms will embody the core philosophy of ‘Move with Meaning’ and offer an inviting and immersive space for the EV community.

Commenting on the inauguration, Shailesh Chandra, MD, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility, said, “With insights gathered from over 1 lakh Tata EV customers, we understand that the EV consumers seek a different kind of customer experience. They are sensitive to how the planet is evolving, very conscious about the cost of driving, and desire cutting-edge technology. This is in line with the new brand identity’s core values – sustainability, community, and technology. The new flagship showrooms are the first physical manifestations of this brand philosophy and we have mapped the customer journey accordingly. We want to empower our customers so our plans include the creation of a harmonious community space to facilitate customer gatherings/services, sustainability-focused workshops, and events for customers. These showrooms are not just about retailing EVs but they become TATA.ev community centres in Gurugram.

Starting with these two showrooms today and with many more that we plan to bring in the next 12-18 months, we intend to drive positive change in the automotive industry with a focus on e-mobility.”

Tata claim the showroom conveys sustainability right from its design to the day-to-day operations. Even the materials utilized are either recycled or recyclable. The materials were also sourced locally with reduction in dependency on long-distance, high-emission transportation.

Another note-worthy point of this showroom is the community it invites. This space has been created for visitors not just to purchase a Tata EV but also for sharing moments like a cup of coffee or a catch-up with other EV adopters.

The third point of these TATA.ev showrooms is that they rely on technology. With integration of digital elements, the store crucially aims to support and not overwhelm its visitors. The screens provide testimonials from owners, customization options for buyers, and personalized welcomes for customers taking delivery of their new car.

With a market share of over 71 per cent in the four-wheeler EV segment and recently crossing sales of 1 lakh Tata EVs, they are now aiming to set new benchmarks in the EV segment. Today, their line-up is limited to three cars – Tiago.ev, Nexon.ev and Tigor.ev – but Tata have announced that they will be adding more EVs to the line-up in the coming year. We can expect to see electric versions of the Punch, Harrier and Safari. They could be followed by the production versions of the Curvv and Sierra concepts.

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