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Do the upgrades on the Mahindra XUV400 Pro make it a better equipped rival to the Tata Nexon.EV as an electric SUV? Let’s find out 

Since its launch in 2020, the Tata Nexon.EV has enjoyed success as an electric SUV in India, even when its chief rival in the segment, the Mahindra XUV400 showed up in 2023. But recently, the XUV400 Pro variants have been launched, bringing in some much needed upgrades in features. The question is, are these additions enough to make it a more apt rival against the Tata Nexon.EV? Here’s a look at how the two electric SUVs compare on paper:




Dimensions Tata Nexon.EV Mahindra XUV400 Pro
Length 3,994 mm 4,200 mm
Width 1,811 mm 1,821 mm
Height 1,616 mm 1,634 mm
Wheelbase 2,498 mm 2,60 0mm
Boot Volume 350 litres 378 litres


Looking at the above table, there’s no denying that the Mahindra XUV400 Pro manages to edge ahead of the Tata Nexon.EV in every metric. The bigger differences are in length and wheelbase where the carmaker has made the XUV400 longer than the XUV300 it is based on.



Features  Tata Nexon.EV Mahindra XUV400 Pro
Touchscreen infotainment system 12.3 inches 10.25 inches
Driver instrumentation 10.25 inches 10.25 inches
Android Auto/Apple CarPlay Yes, wireless Yes, wireless
Sunroof Yes Yes
Connected car tech Yes Yes
Audio system JBL nine-speaker Six-speaker
Climate control Single zone Dual-zone
Wireless phone charging Yes Yes
Parking sensors Front and rear Rear only
Camera 360-degree Rear only
Blind spot monitor Yes No
Ventilated front seats Yes No
Vehicle-to-load Yes No
Vehicle-to-vehicle Yes No


There’s no doubt that Mahindra have added plenty of features on the XUV400 Pro variants which means features like a touchscreen infotainment system, digital driver’s display, connected car tech, wireless charging, wireless phone connectivity are common with the Tata Nexon.EV. However, it is the latter that still holds an edge with a larger touchscreen, a better audio system, ventilated front seats, a better equipped camera as well as the vehicle-to-load and vehicle-to-vehicle charging functionality. 




Tata Nexon.EV Mahindra XUV400 Pro
Electric motor Permanent magnet synchronous Permanent magnet synchronous
Power  95 kW (129 hp) / 106.4 kW (145 hp) 110 kW (150 hp)
Torque (Nm) 215 Nm 310 Nm
Battery pack capacity 30 kWh /40.5 kWh 34.5 kWh/39.4 kWh
Claimed range 325 km/465 km 375 km/456 km


As far as outright performance on paper is concerned, the Mahindra XUV400 Pro has more power and torque compared to the Tata Nexon.EV. However, in the long range variants, it is the latter that has a bigger battery pack, which does translate to more claimed range on paper. 

Charging capabilities


Tata Nexon.EV Mahindra XUV400 Pro
3.3 kW charger 10.5 hours/15 hours 13.5 hours
7.2 kW charger 4.3 hours/6 hours 6.5 hours
50 kW DC fast charger (0-80 per cent) 56 minutes (10-80 per cent) 50 minutes


Owing to the larger battery pack in the Long Rane Tata Nexon.EV variants, it explains the longer charging times compared to the Mahindra XUV400 Pro. 


Price and Verdict


Tata Nexon.EV Mahindra XUV400 Pro
Rs 14.49 lakh to Rs 19.29 lakh Rs 15.49 lakh to Rs 17.49 lakh


(all prices ex-showroom)

The updates onboard the Mahindra XUV400 Pro have certainly given it a better standing when going up against the Tata Nexon.EV in the features department. This further complements what the former already has an edge in terms of performance and dimensions. However, the Tata Nexon.EV still has an edge in features, on paper at least, although it comes at a price premium over the Mahindra XUV400 Pro. 


About the author: Gaurav Davare



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