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Livpure Fresh O2 Car Air Purifier

Air quality is growing concern and the arrival of new, more modern air-purifiers is imminent. We test the new Livpure Fresh O2 Car Air Purifier in Pune.

Deteriorating air quality is a given today and an advanced car air purifier is the best way to ensure clean air inside your car’s cabin – especially if you drive an older model which isn’t equipped with a cabin air-filter. The Fresh O2 from Livsure is made from chrome metal and designed with a Zeolite active carbon filter, a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, and a negative-ion generator. The device can effectively filter PM 2.5 particles, pollen, dust and smoke, with a three-speed automatic fan.

We used the Fresh O2 and came away happy with its performance – particular with suspended particles in the air once you shut the doors. The device, which looks like a flask, is very neatly designed and comes with a power cable that connects to the 12V port, and fits snugly into the cup-holder, with the routing of the cable also done in a thoughtful manner. The ‘smart mode’ feature actively cleans the air inside. It has indicator lights for power, wind-speed, intelligent mode, and one for when maintenance is required. The air quality indicator surround changes from red to blue to green depending on the quality of air in the cabin. In our Pune test car, it changed from red to green in about four minutes.

Livpure Fresh O2 Car Air Purifier

Price: Rs 5,999

Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Dimensions (L x W x H): 65 x 65 x 195 mm
Sound Level: < 20 dB
Weight: 720 g (approx)


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