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The all-new Bentley Bentayga super-luxury SUV has arrived as the first car of the exclusive luxury brand’s “Beyond100” business strategy.

New Bentley Bentayga

New Bentley Bentayga

The new Bentley Bentayga continues to be the pinnacle SUV and aims to raise the benchmark even higher. When it first arrived, it was the world’s fastest production SUV, as was the faster Speed iteration, until its cousin, the Lamborghini Urus, with a third less cylinders and a bit more power, usurped that throne by a single-km/h higher top speed figure! That apart, the new Bentley Bentayga will, as with its predecessor, continue to have the widest brief of any car on sale. Having celebrated their centenary recently, Bentley hope that the new Bentayga launch, under their Beyond100 business strategy, is a journey that will see them become the world leader in sustainable luxury mobility. The new model, its incredible attention to detail, high-quality crafted trim and the subtle changes – such as the matrix LED headlamps, the 20-mm wider rear-wheel track for improved handling, and the 22-jet windshield wipers – all add to the experience.

New Bentley Bentayga

The new Bentley Bentayga has been launched with the V8 turbo-petrol engine first. It makes 550 hp and 770 Nm as before, with an eight-speed automatic transmission sending the power to all four wheels. Bentley have confirmed a more powerful W12 powertrain, probably in Speed guise, as well as a V6 plug-in hybrid model will join the line-up in the future. Bentley reaffirm that the new model will be the fastest, most luxurious and, importantly, most versatile SUV in the world, offering a true Bentley driving experience and showcase unparalleled luxury together with effortless performance as well as everyday usability. All three were definitely part of the exclusive package when we had the opportunity to sample the first Bentayga, with the 6.0 TSI W12 no less, a few years ago.

As with the earlier model, the new Bentley Bentayga will offer a choice of four, five, or seven-seat configurations. The new Bentley Bentayga builds on the popularity of the first-gen model that saw more than 20,000 examples handcrafted and delivered to a global customer base.

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The Bentayga set the luxury SUV benchmark when it arrived in 2016, offering customers the ultimate Grand Touring experience unrestricted by landscape or conditions. It’s go-anywhere driving ability and supreme luxury appealed to those who demanded luxury without compromise. Thus, Bentley now seek to raise the bar even higher. As they say, “others will strive to achieve the same combination of luxury and performance – but none can do it like Bentley.”

New Bentley Bentayga

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