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Mahindra Adventure have lined up a couple of events in the middle of October for all you mud-loving off-roaders. This year Mahindra Adventure will host both the ‘Mahindra Adventure Club Challenge’ and the ‘Thar Fest’ in quick succession, set in the picturesque locales of Cochin. In these events, the smile on the participants’ faces will only widen at the prospect of a heavy downpour. The muddier, the better.

The Mahindra Adventure Club Challenge will kick off on 14 October and be immediately followed by the Thar Fest the next day. Both events will draw to a close on 15 October. Currently in its third edition, the Club Challenge will have 12 off-road teams from across the nation battle it out for top honours and bragging rights. The teams will have to work their way across obstacles, working together with their team-mates to see the challenges through.

The next day, enthusiasts and Thar owners can revel in the Thar Fest which will give them a chance to catch up and check out the latest merchandise, accessories and ancillary huts. The evening will be livened up by music and live band performances. Don’t worry, there is mud-splattering action involved, too.

Participants can try their luck in the ‘Strong Thar’ and ‘Mud Therapy’ contests to see if their off-road prowess is as good as they believe it to be. Looks like off-road enthusiasts will begin submitting leave applications at work soon.

Meanwhile, take a look at the new Mahindra TUV300 T10.

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Would gape at fast cars. Still does but now has a chance to drive some of them. Hates driving in traffic but makes up for with a spot of off-roading or the occasional track outing. Insta: @motoknight


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