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It’s been a while that our Hyundai Santro Auto long-termer has been doing regular duty and it’s now time to say goodbye.

Long-term Hyundai Santro Wrap-up

Our long-term Hyundai Santro Auto has been through the thick and thin and never thrown up any unpleasant surprises all the way. From several shoots in and out of town, it has been a versatile all-road vehicle that accommodates camera-persons, their bags and equipment, and a bunch of people when needed.

From the outset, the Santro’s biggest positives have been evident. The ride quality is simply phenomenal and it tackles road surface changes, small potholes and ditches, and reasonably high speed-humps with ease, while soaking up bumps and rough patches with nary a heavy sound filtering through. Its sound insulation is outstanding. Road, wind, and tyre noise are kept at bay and even the usually annoying honks from uncivilised mass of road-users barely doing the speed limit hardly come through. The cabin stays pleasant and it feels more than adequately spacious. That said, the Hyundai Santro’s interior quality is just as commendable. The quality of materials used, the levels of fit-and-finish and the basic layout and ergonomics put some cars costing far more to shame.

Long-term Hyundai Santro Wrap-up

On the move, the petrol engine is refined and smooth, and Hyundai’s in-house automated manual transmission is a marvel in its class. It loves to be driven casually and rewards with a relaxing drive experience. Just to verify its flexibility, I went on a feather run one final time, with the fuel light glaring at me in contempt. The Santro needs just the 1,250-2,250 rpm band to work perfectly fine in city traffic, considering an average speed (including stop-starts) of well below 20 km/h over the 10-kilometre commute. At those speeds, efficiency is commendable and its convenience as a city car without a third pedal is hard to match. I’m going to miss this incredible hatchling.

Long-term Hyundai Santro Wrap-up

Hyundai Santro Auto

Variant: 1.1 Sportz Auto
Driven: 7,600 km
Like: Comfort, ride quality, sound insulation, robust build
Dislike: Sportz Auto variant misses out on Asta-trim equipment

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