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The new Hyundai Santro arrived just in time for the holiday season and it was soon time for a road-trip.

New Hyundai Santro Long Term to Goa

Story and Photography: Jim Gorde

 New Hyundai Santro Long Term to Goa

Driving down to Goa has been on the list for a while. A week off together with the new Hyundai Santro and its AMT box would make for a good break. This was an absolute no-brainer and would test the various facets of the little hatchback’s performance and versatility.

Bags packed and stowed in the generous-enough boot, the new Hyundai Santro would have to prove its touring cred because the route chosen was via the Bengaluru highway, past Nippani and Amboli Ghat and then Sawantwadi before making our way to Mapusa and Uccassaim. The shift quality, ride quality, ergonomics and sound-deadening are right up there. The trip went smoothly and the Santro cruised comfortably over the broken sections of the erstwhile NH 4, now NH 48, and then the ribbon of tarmac on the Karnataka side of things.

The state highway was narrower and had its fair share of broken bits. However, the rough patches post Nippani and the further parts of Amboli Ghat were also no challenge for the new Hyundai Santro whose adept suspension set-up made quick work of sorting out the ride. As we pulled into Goa, the little Santro was a boon in the bustling city centre, which it frequented over the next couple of days. Heading through the narrow roads leading to the beaches, or inside the strictly two-lane Vaddo roads, the compact dimensions were hugely appreciated. This was especially true when tackling the very narrow paths through the village that led to the Pomburpa Springs, just north of Uccassaim. It’s ease of use, well-weighted steering and magnificent ride quality made sure it was a a terrific all-rounder. How I wished there was an Asta AMT with the rear parking sensors.

New Hyundai Santro Long Term to Goa

As we headed back a few days later, it was clear that new Hyundai Santro did the job well. It also surprised with its highway efficiency of 19.5 km/l. The ergonomics made for a comfortable drive and even with minimal breaks, the car and its occupants had nothing to complain about. Over the 1,000-odd kilometres, it was only the lack or parking sensors and a sorely missed quick-lane-change indicator function of the right stalk that were blemishes on an otherwise great car.

New Hyundai Santro Long Term to Goa

Variant: Sportz Smart Auto
Distance Driven: 3,400 km
Likes: Ride quality, comfort, refinement, AMT shift logic, practicality
Dislikes: Sportz variant misses out on a lot of Asta equipment

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