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CI_June2018Contain the Spiralling Fuel Prices

THIS MONTH WE HAVE SOME EXCLUSIVE DRIVE stories for you, including the all-new Audi A6, Mercedes A-Class, and the new Ford EcoSport powered by the EcoBoost engine.

The fuel prices in our country have been heading northwards for the last six months and they have reached an all-time high with the crude oil price still hovering around the 70- to 80-US$ mark. Even when the crude oil was at US$ 125 a barrel we were not paying this price for petrol and diesel. This is going to hurt the economy and, in turn, have an adverse effect on the automobile industry. The government has to take some drastic measures and cut taxes on petroleum products.

When the GST was introduced, everyone expected the cost of cars to come down, but we are paying as much or more than what we were paying earlier. The automobile industry is one of the highest taxed in the country. On top of that, we probably pay the highest road tax in the world and have among the worst roads and, if the road is half decent, then you have to pay toll.

Monsoon is expected to set in this month, hopefully bringing relief from the sweltering heat. However, this will also bring new challenges of driving on our roads as we will have to face waterlogging and the road surface will start deteriorating, giving rise to big craters filled with water. One will have to be extra vigilant while driving. Take care and drive safely.



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