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A plug-in hybrid Jeep Compass 4xe – four by four-electric – is set for release in Europe soon and we just had to look into it.

plug-in hybrid Jeep Compass 4xe

The Jeep Compass is a popular SUV and brings a lot to the table in terms of what people need most from that type of vehicle – rugged build, butch styling, extensive equipment, space and versatility, apart from a slew of petrol and diesel, manual and automatic, two- and four-wheel drive and a selection of variants as well. That said, what if there was another approach?

plug-in hybrid Jeep Compass 4xe

FIAT-Chrysler Automotive, the parent company of Jeep, had mentioned earlier that electrification is definitely on the cards and while speculation was rife about an electrified Wrangler 4xe, the Renegade and Compass are the first of the bunch to get charged in Europe, and, of particular interest to us, is the Jeep Compass 4xe.

plug-in hybrid Jeep Compass 4xe

Not much has been revealed about the Jeep Compass 4xe plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), but there are some details that Jeep have excitedly specified. For the uninitiated, a PHEV is where an internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric motor are combined. A high-voltage battery pack powers the electric motor and can also be charged from an external source, such as a charging socket, as well as via regenerative braking. The battery is of a much larger capacity than a parallel-hybrid but  not as large, or heavy, as a full electric vehicle (EV). Thus, it allows the vehicle to undertake reasonably long journeys in clean, all-electric mode.

plug-in hybrid Jeep Compass 4xe

Here’s what we know. The Jeep Compass 4xe will be a “Trail Rated” vehicle and pack a MultiAir turbo-petrol engine driving the front wheels and an electric motor driving the rear wheels. The peak combined output is 177 kW (240 hp); as much as what the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s V6 turbo-diesel puts out. There will be a 11.4-kWh battery pack on board and that will offer a range of up to 50 km. Jeep claim a dash from 0-100 km/h in 7.5 seconds, considering the significant instant torque from the four-wheel driven powertrain.

plug-in hybrid Jeep Compass 4xe

The Jeep Compass 4xe will sport a choice of drive modes including Electric, Hybrid and an e-Save mode, that preserves the charge level of the battery. New specific e-features will be available, such as eco-coaching, regenerative braking and a pre-conditioning system of the cabin. The Uconnect system will be offered as standard and allow customers to always be informed about the status of their car through a dedicated My Uconnect smartphone app which will also allow them to control and monitor the charging of their Jeep, as well as to locate charging stations and set the interior temperature.

plug-in hybrid Jeep Compass 4xe

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