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Raising the curtains on the Lotus E-R9 concept, the British sports car manufacturer brings innovative ideas of electric power trains and aerodynamics to the world of endurance racing.

Lotus E-R9 Concept 2030

The Lotus E-R9 concept is an electric vehicle (EV) that features a sleek fighter jet-style canopy centrally mounted in an upper body that’s shaped akin to a delta-wing. Innovations include advanced active aerodynamics with ‘morphing’ body panels and vertically mounted control surfaces to assist with high-speed cornering. The EV is a new-generation, pure electric endurance racer design that we may be able to see on race circuits around the world – in about 10 years.

The Lotus E-R9 has been developed by Lotus Engineering, the globally renowned consultancy division of the company. “E-R” is an abbreviation for Endurance Racer. The number 9 is an ode to Lotus’ prestigious history in the racing domain. It was in a Lotus Mark IX that the race team made its debut appearance at the Le Mans 24 Hours with company founder Colin Chapman as one of the drivers.

Lotus E-R9 Concept 2030

The Lotus E-R9 Concept is intended to showcase the technology that symbolise the car manufacturer’s philosophy, capability and innovative spirit in the fields of advanced electrified powertrains and aerodynamics.

The highlight of the Lotus E-R9 Concept is the use of shape morphing body panels. These body panels, spread across the delta-wing-shaped upper body, can change their shape or their orientation towards the flow of air over them. The actuation can either be driver-controlled or automated based on inputs from performance sensors. This aero innovation would not only minimise drag on straight stretches but also help keep the car pinned down in the corners.

Lotus E-R9 Concept 2030

Vertical control surfaces gave been provided at the rear of the Lotus E-R9, which will aid in changing the direction of the car aerodynamically. Thus the car will not be solely dependant on the grip of the tyres to steer. The result is a racer that’s partly driven like a car and partly flown like a fighter jet.

Each wheel of the Lotus E-R9 is powered independently by the advanced electric drivetrain; a system enhanced by torque-vectoring. This technology is already integrated on the Lotus Evija pure electric hypercar but is tweaked in the E-R9 to make it adjustable by the driver.

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