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Elon Musk has confirmed the news that Tesla Motors is planning their strategy for our South Asian nation with a probable announcement in January 2021.

Fans of the sustainable energy company have been on the ball with requests to the Tesla CEO asking when India will receive their automobiles. Musk has just stated on twitter that Tesla are headed towards a 2021 launch in India, but, are still working out the nitty-gritty needed for the venture. India’s electric-vehicle infrastructure is still in its infancy state which would play its role on the American manufacturer. Hence, the wait.

Tesla Motors currently sells the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y in most markets they are present in. These vehicles have caused a massive change to the electric car market due to their stunning visual appeal and state of the art tech within them. Tesla have been on a continuous strive to a cleaner and greener Earth, which is indeed a must today. If Tesla can work out their order configurator soon, we Indians can be sure to see some of these clean and green beauts on our roads by next year. (Also Read: Mercedes-Benz EQC 4Matic Review)


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