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By the end of 2023, over 50 DHL Express vans will start using Michelin UPTIS airless tyres to conduct last-mile deliveries in Singapore.

Since 10 January, the first vehicles made their maiden delivery runs as part of the trial programme. The airless prototype tyre from Michelin has advanced further as a result of the relationship between DHL and Michelin. The first Michelin UPTIS tyres are currently being marketed in actual-world, one year ahead of plan.

The Michelin UPTIS prototype is a puncture-proof wheel/tyre assembly designed for cars and light vans that does not require compressed air. A ground-breaking structure capable of supporting the vehicle has taken the place of the air. This insures the durability of the wheel and the comfort and safety of the driver. It was created as a plug-and-play solution that enables customers to drive comfortably without being concerned about how potential road hazards might affect their tyres. It lessens the quantity of tyres that are discarded because of punctures.

Due to the Michelin UPTIS tyre’s ability to reduce tyre pressure problems and punctures, DHL can maximise the productivity of its fleet while maintaining business continuity. The frequency of tyre replacement will decrease as a result, resulting in less waste.

The secret to Michelin’s goal of a 100 per cent sustainable tyre by 2050 is airless technology. Today, 20% of tyres are discarded too soon because of blowouts and flats (12 per cent) or uneven wear and tear brought on by low tyre pressure (8 per cent). According to Michelin, UPTIS airless technology could save up to 2 million tonnes of material annually by preventing the premature scrapping of up to 200 million tyres, or the equivalent weight of 200 Eiffel Towers.

Story: Vaibhav Kashyap

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