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A Pune-based start-up called Deccaleap Technologies have launched new fire safety solutions for cars and domestic use. ‘F-Protekkt’ is for cars while ‘Thro’ caters to domestic fire safety. The former is priced at Rs 10,500 while the latter costs Rs 1,770 for a packet of four.

The F-Protekkt is a compact fire-safety solution for cars and fits neatly under the bonnet of a car. In the event of a fire in the engine bay, the temperature sensor will be set off, triggering the fire-extinguisher. Deccaleap claim that their products are harmless to humans and do not leave any residue either. In addition to saving lives in case of a fire, the F-Protekkt could also significantly curb fire damage to property.

The Thro on the other hand is a small fire extinguisher that can be used to curb indoor fires. Unlike the big and heavy red cylinders available in most places, the Thro is extremely simple to use. You simply throw it at the fire and it douses the fire on impact with the liquid-base chemical spreading enough to cut oxygen supply – similar to a water balloon. Furthermore, these units are aesthetically pleasing and could also double up as show-pieces until the need arises.

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