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What’s the hype about Bugatti’s new hypercar? There’s the skin and everything under it.

Breaking new grounds with output and delivery are Bugatti with the new Chiron – the successor to the already impressive and proven Veyron. Here are 16 things you need to know

1) The 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine has been completely recreated, now uses two-stage turbocharging and duplex injection.

2) The Chiron’s engine has 32 injectors in total, two per cylinder.

3) Only two of the four turbos are active at start-up, maximising boost at 2,000 RPM, with the other two turbos kicking in at 3,800 RPM.

4) Peak power is now 1,500 PS, that’s a 25 per cent bump up over the earlier 1,200 PS of the Veyron Supersport.

5) Peak torque is 1,600 Nm, available between 2,000 and 6,000 RPM.

6) The 0-200 km/h acceleration time is 6.5 seconds.

7) The top speed is now 261 mph (420 km/h).

8) The Chiron’s rear wing has four positions: completely retracted, slightly extended, completely extended, and tilted (for air brake).

9) Carbon-fibre is used for most of the construction, as well as for the chain cover, intake tube, and charge air system.

10) The Chiron engine is pumped with 60,000 litres of air and 800 litres of water per minute.

11) There are 10 radiators (heat-exchangers) in total: one main and two auxiliary radiators for the high-temperature loop, one for the low loop, three for the engine oil, transmission oil, rear differential oil, two water/air heat-exchangers and one for the hydraulic oil cooling.

12) The headlamps are the flattest full-LED projector units in the industry.

13) Electromagnetic compatibility is comparable to a military vehicle.

14) There are five drive modes: Lift, EB “Auto”, Autobahn, Handling and Top Speed. Drive above 180 km/h and the mode automatically switches to Autobahn.

15) The base price is €2.4 million (Rs 18 crore) before any duties or taxes.

16) Only 500 cars will be made.

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