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Yokohama Rubber Co, Ltd, have announced their plans to introduce a new proprietary “E+” mark for tyres designed specifically for electric vehicles.

With the rising demand for tyres that meet the unique requirements of electric cars, hybrids, and other electrically-powered vehicles, Yokohama Rubber aim to provide optimal performance, durability, and efficiency for these vehicles. The new “E+” mark signifies the tyre’s suitability for use on electrified vehicles and will be prominently displayed on the tyre sidewalls, catalogues, and websites to assist customers in making informed tyre selections.

The Advan Sport EV, a high-performance tyre designed specifically for electric vehicles, will be the first Yokohama tyre to bear the “E+” mark. Scheduled for launch in Europe and other markets in autumn 2023.

Tyres installed on EVs face specific challenges that demand specialized qualities. They must be capable of withstanding heavier loads due to the presence of batteries and cope with the high torque output of electric motors. Furthermore, these tyres need to provide a quiet ride to complement the reduced noise levels associated with electric engines. Additionally, they are expected to contribute to efficient energy utilization and extend the driving range of electric vehicles.

Yokohama Rubber are already a trusted original equipment (OE) tyre supplier for numerous electric vehicles, including premium cars like the BMW iX3, Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+, and Lexus RZ. The company is also actively developing replacement market tyres for EVs by leveraging the technologies it has cultivated through OE tyre development.

Yokohama Rubber’s introduction of the “E+” mark signifies their commitment to providing tyres that meet the specialized needs of electrified vehicles.

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