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Will the Laureti DionX be India's Longest Range Electric SUV..?

New electric vehicle brand, Laureti, will soon introduce their flagship SUV, the DionX, into the Indian market. The new full-size E-SUV boasts the longest range achievable, on a single charge, with a claimed 540 kilometres.

Laureti are set to demonstrate these figures with an expedition starting from Leh in the north of India to Kanyakumari, the southern tip of the country. The company plans on doing the 6,000-km journey with just 12 charging cycles, with an average range of 500 km from charging points. The DionX will also pass through seven major cities – Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. In addition, Laureti will display live updates such as dashboard data, drive status, and trip highlights on online networks, including purpose-built digital display boards in some cities.

“Using a combination of specific battery technology and power systems gave us the key breakthrough results to bring forth DionX. This enables Laureti to produce highly efficient, long-range EVs that come with battery life guarantee up to 100,000 km,” said Emmanuel Laurent, Managing Director of Laureti.

Will the Laureti DionX be India's Longest Range Electric SUV..?

“Laureti will also be known for its safety aspect especially in the Indian market. We sourced a lot of data and research on road conditions and traffic behaviour in building our technology solutions to achieve the top mark in safety standards. We are looking forward to publishing further test results and demonstrating them live in the ‘Endurance Trip’ this year,” says Marcus Paleti, CEO of Laureti Automotive Corporation. “Most of the breakthrough technologies used in making DionX sourced from cooperation and joint ventures with leading innovative companies in France who I think will be a major contributor for the success of Laureti.” he added.

Designed with an intention to please ‘Her Majesty’, Laureti have confirmed that the British-luxury inspired DionX will be produced in the company’s plant in Puducherry. Laureti are also carrying out a number of joint ventures for technology advancements, funding, and infrastructure to set-up 100,000 charging points across the country. The company plans on being operational by 2020, adding to India’s strive towards electric mobility.

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