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Hyundai’s Verna helped us discover how a bustling metropolis becomes the backdrop for captivating love stories and enduring bonds, all through the discerning lens of wedding photographer Shubham Gupta.

In the bustling heart of India, the vibrant city of Delhi stands as a historical and cultural beacon, yet it has emerged as an enchanting destination for weddings, encapsulating a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Amidst this backdrop of grandeur, love, and heritage, we decided to embark on a journey guided by the discerning eye of Shubham Gupta, a “Delhi 6” native, whose tale is as compelling as the captivating love stories he captures through his camera lens. Shubham’s journey is an odyssey that began at a prestigious university in the capital, where he delved into the realm of journalism and photography. Working with renowned national media houses, he became proficient in the art of photography. Yet, amidst the clamour of shutter clicks and journalistic deadlines, Shubham felt a void, a deeper sense of satisfaction, perhaps, in the making!

‘Six years ago, I took a leap of faith and ventured into the world of wedding photography,’ smiles Shubham, who now stands tall as the founder of “Beyond Photos”, a brand that specialises in curating not just photographs but memories, etching love stories into the annals of time. With a portfolio boasting of over 250 weddings captured across the globe, Shubham’s mission is as straightforward as it is profound. ‘I want to make couples feel like the celebrities they are on their special day and to immortalize every moment of their love, joy, and happiness,’ he shares.

To Shubham, the destination and decor are integral components of the tapestry that is woven when two souls unite in matrimony. And in the grand tapestry of India’s capital, Delhi, he finds his muse. ‘Delhi NCR with its opulent heritage properties, sprawling gardens, modern banquet halls, and luxurious hotels offers a diverse palette for couples to paint their unique wedding stories. It is here, amidst the old-world charm and contemporary elegance, that dreams are spun into reality,’ says Shubham. He adds further that one such gem in this treasure trove of venues is Karma Lakeland, nestled in Delhi’s National Capital Region, Gurugram. It is here that we, along with Shubham, embark on an exploration of the property to understand the alchemy that transforms love into eternal bonds. We needed a car that would fit well with this exquisite journey and the all-new Verna was a perfect choice that effortlessly blends style with substance.

The Verna introduces itself with a design that exudes modern elegance. A slim LED light bar beautifully adorns its front, bearing Hyundai’s signature of a new era in sedan design. The front grille, captivatingly unique, adds to the overall allure. A fastback-inspired roof-line bestows a sense of motion and grace to the car which culminates at the rear with intricately designed tail-lights and a luminous element that stretches the width of the rear.

Upon reaching Karma Lakelands, one cannot help but be overwhelmed by the serene proximity to nature. Situated amid acres of lush greenery, this property offers an intimate connection with the very essence of the Earth. ‘The place provides a myriad of settings for various wedding ceremonies—grand villas, lakeside enclaves, cosy seating arrangements, the club house or a pristine garden. It is known for its upmarket hospitality,’ says Shubham. He also passionately remarks, ‘It’s not just about the stunning architecture and tasteful interiors; it’s about feeling the embrace of nature, the flora, and the fauna. Isn’t it beautiful to exchange vows beneath the boundless azure sky?’

As Shubham drives us to the exquisite property, he unveils the intricacies of wedding photography. In this domain, there are no retakes and moments once gone remain eternally so. Promptness and readiness to seize fleeting moments are the quintessential virtues. ‘The aim,’ he shares with a knowing smile, ‘is to craft images that leave couples brimming with joy when they revisit them, images that last a lifetime.’

While he was comfortably driving the Verna, he found the car boasted of an opulent interior where black and leatherette generously swath the surroundings, creating an ambiance steeped in luxury. A subtle hint of red completes the aesthetic and the dual 10.25-inch infotainment and instrument screens, artfully angled towards the driver, contribute to a sense of sophistication. In the Verna, the rear seats stand as paragons of comfort within their segment, while the commodious boot seals the deal, making it the perfect choice for a small family. Wedding photographer Shubham Gupta’s pursuit of love and luxury, combined with the allure of the Hyundai Verna, has yielded perfect harmony in our quest to explore the splendid wedding

Story: Ruhi Singh

Photography: Aditya Rawat

Location: Karma Lakeland, Gurgaon


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