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Volkswagen India have introduced Das WeltAuto 3.0 – a program that will refurbish and then sell the brands pre-owned cars.


With the Das WeltAuto (DWA) 3.0 program, Volkswagen will sell pre-owned cars in India after they have been refurbished and taken care of additional services relating to the purchase of a used car. The models will be accordingly inspected and a checklist will be made which will enable them to guarantee a safe and transparent used car purchase for every vehicle with the seal. All pre-owned vehicles will undergo a process that identifies and replaces defective parts and is completely refurbished for sale. Post refurbishment, the car is inspected by a third-party inspector who then certifies the pre-owned car.

The Das WeltAuto program offers the buying and selling of all brand pre-owned cars and isn’t restricted to customers looking to exchange their existing cars for a new Volkswagen. This will give a chance to a customer to make an informed decision. It also conducts the necessary formalities and certifies the vehicle along with offering warranty, service value packages and accessories options. Currently, in India there are already 105 Das WeltAuto (DWA) outlets across India; certified multi-brand pre-owned car facilities by Volkswagen

With the on-going COVID-19 situation, Volkswagen will also offer customers accessible individual mobility options that are safer. DWA 3.0 will use a completely digital customer interface. Prospective customers can now book their preferred pre-owned car or sell their existing vehicles on the DWA website. A mobile application allows customers to self-evaluate their current vehicle. The whole process is seamless and transparent as the valuations are provided on the basis of the algorithms given by the ‘Indian Blue Book’. The App enables customers to further interact with their DWA dealer of choice and sell their car at an acceptable fair price.

Speaking on the enhancement of the used car business, Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India said, The current COVID-19 situation has created a demand for accessible and safe individual mobility options. We see customers inclined towards the used car segment, which enables them with an affordable vehicle of their choice.”


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