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An electric van called Model H is in the pipeline for energy major Triton Solar with seating for up to eight passengers and an output of 1,500 hp!

Triton-EV Model H electric van

A 1,500-hp car is still eye-widening news these days, but it gets more intense when it’s electric, and even more so when it’s an eight-passenger electric van. That’s exactly what Triton-EV have in the works. The new Triton-EV electric van, called Model H, has rendering out. The specs say it measures 5.7 metres long, over two metres wide and almost 1.9 metres high, sitting on a 3.3-metre wheelbase. It packs a massive 200-kWh battery pack that will offer a range of more than 1,100 kilometres on a full charge; commendable for a huge vehicle that weighs 2.4 tonnes! Furthermore, that weight will require adequate power to get a move on. And it has that too.

The Triton-EV Model H will house a quad-motor set-up, each making around 280-kW (380 hp) each, with one for each wheel. The total power output capable translates to over 1,100 kW (1,500 hp, more or less), and a probably insane amount of instant torque at the wheel. That also means it will probably accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and head up to a top speed that will need electronic limitation. There is also talk of a towing weight of nearly seven tonnes and a cargo volume of up to 5,660 litres!

Triton-EV Model H electric van

The order books, too, have apparently opened for the Model H electric van with a US$ 5,000 (Rs 3.6 lakh) down payment with the total cost of the electric van expected to be around the US$ 140k (Rs 1 crore). Seven colours are on offer.

Triton-EV Model H electric van

For the uninitiated, Triton Solar was founded in 2005 by Himanshu Patel and specialize in solar energy products as well as energy storage solutions. The Triton-EV New Jersey, USA-based automotive division is a wholly-owned subsidiary. They state that their team is made up of premier automotive engineers from IIT Bombay, India’s most prestigious technical university. Their team of engineers gained initial notoriety in 2017 by building the first electric Formula race car in India. Every vehicle from Triton-EV is powered by proprietary Triton Solar batteries which, they say, are half the size and weight of conventional vehicle batteries.

They say they are car enthusiasts who design and build products for other car enthusiasts and that their combination of technical skills and industry passion has allowed them to develop the best vehicle in the long-range electric sector, with world-class functionality and safety.

Triton-EV Model H electric van


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