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The BMW 530i didn’t need fixing but times demand a change. The facelifted 5 Series, or G30LCI in München speak, has arrived and it looks sharper and more cutting-edge than ever.

BMW 530i M Sport

Story: Jim Gorde
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

Some things prove time and again that they’re all one really needs. It’s simpler to have a life where choices are easier. Where one thing does more than one thing and takes on multiple roles; each of which it performs with aplomb. I think that of the BMW 530d sedan. It has comfort, space, versatility, and tremendous oomph on tap. The BMW 530i is supposed to be the petrol-powered equivalent. “Supposed to be” because it’s only got a four-cylinder engine and a proper BMW needs two more. Right?

BMW 530i M Sport

The new BMW 530i continues with the 2.0-litre, turbo-petrol four but doesn’t feature the 48-volt mild-hybrid system seen in Europe. It also doesn’t get the 258-hp/400-Nm engine spec seen in both the 3 Series and the 6 Series Gran Turismo we get in India. It continues with 252 hp and 350 Nm. I don’t know why either. But that’s beside the point. With worsening traffic, depleting road sense, and narrowing minds, what we really need is a comfortable, safe, and reliable means of personal transport. Being fun to drive and helping us get away from it all is a bonus. And the 530i excels at all of those.

BMW 530i M Sport

The biggest change is the front face and lighting. The purposeful kidney-grille looks larger and more prominent. Flanked by stunning new BMW Laser headlamps, the fünfer has more of a piercing stare than ever. Head-on, the new design looks more evolved and a bit more intimidating, yet subtly futuristic. The active kidney grille with opening vents adds to the aggression and, in the M Sport trim level, there are the many M logos — on the front quarter panels, the 18-inch wheels, the blue brake calipers, and, when the doors open, on the sill-plates as well.

BMW 530i M Sport

The M treatment continues, apart from the key-fob, on the steering wheel and in the displays. It’s got the big displays, too. The centre touchscreen offers crisp and vibrant visuals and also has excellent haptic feel and response. The second screen, behind the wheel, doubles up as speedometer and tachometer with digital dials that, of course, both change with the drive mode selected. The blue-themed Eco Pro display is instantly recognisable. Comfort uses a deep orange gradient, while Sport switches to a grey and red-themed layout. All three have the aforementioned M logo as well. Again, it must be said, BMW have thoroughly mastered driving modes. The relaxed — no, not dulled exactly — yet potent response is evident in Eco Pro and how it manages its maps and the engine start/stop functionality is astounding. An indicated 10 km/l in the city is not something one often expects from a 250-hp luxury saloon.

BMW 530i M Sport

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