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Despite the Aspark OWL SP600 beating the Rimac Nevera as the fastest EV, there is a certain catch to this top speed record

There are many ways to secure bragging rights for cars. Some would say, be the quickest around the legendary Nurburgring-Nordschleife. The other, equally popular way is to be the fastest in top speed which has been an interesting battleground to reach stratospheric speeds. This has also picked up in the electric vehicle (EV) space as the Rimac Nevera has been the fastest electric car on the planet since November 2022. Well, not anymore, as Aspark, with a more beastly version of the OWL electric hypercar, the OWL SP600, have taken that crown. Although, there is a catch to this.

Before we get to the catch, the Aspark OWL SP600 clocked a top speed of 438.7 km/h at the test site in Papenburg with German racing driver Marc Basseng piloting the hypercar. This beats the Rimac Nevera’s benchmark by 26.7 km/h. Now, to the catch regarding this top speed record, the Aspark OWL SP600 isn’t a road-legal model as Aspark consider the record-breaking hypercar as a “production intent prototype.” Also, aside from the fact the car was fitted with Bridgestone Potenza race tyres, details are scarce on what other changes have been made to the overall package compared to the OWL which can be seen in the images. 

For reference, the OWL puts out a mind-boggling 1,456 kW (1,980 hp) and 1,920 Nm via a combined effort of four electric motors. Paired to a dual-speed gearbox, it is claimed to hit 0-100 km/h in 1.78 seconds and top out at 413 km/h. The Aspark OWL SP600 should be a modest upgrade over the OWL considering its recent feat.

Considering the Aspark OWL SP600 isn’t a production car, the Rimac Nevera still holds the record for the fastest electric production hypercar in the world. At least not until Aspark manage to bring the OWL SP600 into production.


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