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The Tata Motors Avinya is based on the third-generation concept that will spawn into a series of production vehicles by the year 2025.

Tata Motors have been on quite a roll lately. The homegrown manufacturers recently unveiled the Curvv concept, a coupé SUV concept that will be going into production in the next two years. Tata Motors have now unveiled Avinya, with a concept vehicle model underpinned on the third-generation electric-vehicle platform, that claims to have a minimum driving range of 500 kilometres.

Named after innovation in Sanskrit, Avinya will be unveiled as a complete battery electric vehicle (BEV) that will spawn various models with numerous body styles and footprint sizes. Design-wise it looks completely radical with an innovative face and front lightbar with a new take on the Tata Motors logo. At 4.3 metres long, it gets a visibly long wheelbase with short overhangs that should open up some serious cabin room. One of the design highlights is a wide, grille-like screen on the front and a sweeping tail-light bar at the rear. Large, wheels with low-profile rubber are essential elements on any concept form and the Avinya show car made sure that they look distinct. 

On the inside, the Tata Motors Avinya concept car gets a highly sustainable interior with simplistic elements. Each seat gets its own speaker system integrated just below the headrest. An aroma diffuser sits in the middle of the car to enhance cabin ambience with the sense of smell being catered to make for more refreshing surroundings. These elements make for a more extravagant experience while behind the wheel. Speaking of, the steering wheel gets a sharp new widescreen display which should provide the display for essential details as well as, potentially, easy access to settings.

Overall, the Tata Motors Avinya concept vehicle shows a systematic, yet dramatic evolution of Tata Motors design language with Martin Uhlarek at the helm with a clean sheet of paper. We can’t wait to see what’s in store when the production models roll out of their facility not too far from where we’re sitting,

Watch the walk-around video here:


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