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To say that ŠKODA AUTO have raised the bar for safety in the affordable segments is an understatement. As carmakers who take safety very seriously, they know that it is not about adding equipment, but rather, starting out strong in the first place. Here is why Skoda and safety lead the charge.

Skoda and Safety

Did you know that the roof of all the ŠKODAs are laser-welded on to the monocoque frame? That procedure is almost exclusive to luxury cars. It leaves no ungainly seams or folds, so to speak, and blends seamlessly—literally—with the flow of the bodywork while adding manifold to safety. This has been the practice for over a decade and it continues to this day with the new KUSHAQ SUV and SLAVIA sedan. And that’s just scratching the surface of safety from the ground up. Engineering safety right at the design and development stage is what makes European engineering the preferred choice of many when it comes to safety—their own and of their loved ones—on the road.

Skoda and Safety Interior

Safety is not an add-on; it forms the foundation of building a good car. That’s where the concept starts. Only then can it truly make a difference. ŠKODA bring all the learnings over the years and integrates them into strikingly modern packages that appeals to all the senses. Be it the SUPERB, OCTAVIA and SLAVIA sedans or the KODIAQ and KUSHAQ SUVs, or even their first electric vehicle, the ENYAQ from the present. Right since ŠKODA entered India in 2001 with the OCTAVIA, their cars have always felt robust. Right from the feel of the door when one opens it, to the deep, high-quality muffled thud when the door is shut, and the texture of the cabin materials and trim feel a cut above the rest and convey dependability and a strong build.

Skoda and Safety Kodiaq

ŠKODA’s design language has always been distinctive, with a bold and suave outcome. The sedans appear sleek and modern, while the SUVs have an unmistakeable butch appeal. Stylish they are all, yes, but it is the final form for each, built upon a strong and robust body capable of withstanding great forces. One only becomes the best by preparing for the worst. That is not something achieved by tossing the blame around or passing the buck. The buck stops with ŠKODA and they go above and beyond the call of duty to provide world-class quality, crash-absorption and integrity beginning from the basic structure of their vehicles.

Skoda and Safety Octavia

Car safety comes from a strong build, a robust chassis design with smart impact absorption, and an appropriate mix of active and passive safety features. For those in doubt, airbags are the last resort in a crash. The safest crash is one that doesn’t occur in the first place. Thus, a sharp handling car with predictive responses, dynamics with active safety features makes for an infinitely safer drive than a car put together on a budget merely to accumulate numbers and comply with regulations with a bunch of equipment added as an afterthought.

Skoda and Safety ESC

Multi-collision brake and ESC

The ŠKODA line-up, from the KODIAQ to the SLAVIA, owe their safe structure and strong safety rating to over a century of car-making experience with all the cutting-edge safety technology and equipment that go a long way in making every journey safer. With six airbags, ISOFIX anchors, top tether anchor points on rear seats, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), XDS and XDS+, Multi-collision Brake, Brake Disc Cleaning, Cruise Control, Tyre Pressure Monitor, Hill-Hold Control, Rain sensor, Light sensor, Park Assist and a Reverse Camera, the SLAVIA offers everything one needs for a safe drive, and then some.

Skoda and Safety Tyre Pressure Monitor

Tyre Pressure Monitor

Skoda Safety XDS and XDS+

XDS and XDS+

Skoda Safety Kushaq

The new MQB platform underpins most global models. The MQB-A0-IN is a robust modular architecture that underpins the SLAVIA and KUSHAQ and gives them world-class strength, rigidity, structural integrity, and crash absorbent qualities. Besides, it gets the right mix of active and passive safety equipment, including everything from a simple tyre pressure monitor and reverse camera to stability control, cruise control and airbags. I remember a friend of mine, who had just become a father, opting for the YETI simply because it was the only car out there at the time with ISOFIX child-seat anchors for a reasonable asking price. Needless to say, he was immensely pleased with it and even embarked on a family trip to the icy roof of India; ticking one off the bucket-list.

ŠKODA’s attention to detail and thoughtful interior layout complement the smart safety systems perfectly. After all, true comfort comes only when you know that you and your loved ones are safe and that your family’s well-being is top priority. ŠKODA underline this the moment they set out to make a car. Because there can never be too much safety.

Skoda Safety


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