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The highly practical and value-for-money Renault Triber AMT expands the line-up. We find out what the Easy-R automated variants are like to drive.

Renault Triber AMT Easy R

Story: Jim Gorde
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

Growing the tribe is a good thing sometimes. Some things are just easier. The new Triber AMT Easy-R is the automated version of the popular expanded hatch-MUV crossover. It still seats up to seven occupants and feels phenomenal on the road and not just for a car of its price.

Normally, I tend to discuss power first and price later. However, in this day and age, when money has lost its value and value has lost its meaning, there are few things that make sense any more. And the Renault Triber makes sense. It’s compact enough not to be a bother in tight city lanes and when squeezing through narrowing gaps. Yet it’s large enough to accommodate seven adults with ease, with the flexibility to accommodate anywhere from two people and a lot of cargo to five occupants’ weekend baggage or even six occupants and a large dog. With the “Easy Fix” removable third row comprising two individual folding seats, the practicality is immense. And all this starts from just Rs 4.99 lakh for the manual variant and Rs 6.30 lakh for the Easy-R automated one. This RXZ Easy-R costs Rs 7.35 lakh, ex-showroom, of course. But name one seven-seater automatic car that gets a quality interior, removable third row, key proximity sensors, and keyless entry and go, all in less than Rs 10 lakh on-road — go on, I’ll wait.

Renault Triber AMT Easy R

That’s right. The Triber AMT RXZ has some serious kit. And where it isn’t premium and high-tech, it makes up with fantastic build and a seriously high-quality finish. Beauty in simplicity rarely gets epitomized like this. The first element was the aforementioned key proximity sensor that unlocks the doors when the key is sensed. That means no fumbling around for key. The key itself is a narrow rectangle with rounded edges; easy to locate when needed and even easier to conceal when not. The way the doors shut ― with a smooth, muffled but assured thud ― make it clear that it’s also a well-engineered car. The roof-rails, too, aren’t just show-pieces. They can support a luggage rack with loads of up to 50 kilograms. Overall, it builds on the SUV vibe its littler sibling, the Kwid, enjoys.

Renault Triber AMT Easy R

Inside, everything from the simple trim and plastic elements to the spaces on offer immediately mark it out as a thoughtful design. The double tray design and expansive areas for storage on the centre console, with a conveniently positioned USB port, all make things easier on the move while keeping knick-knacks securely contained. The upper open storage, the generous glovebox, the cooled centre storage, plus large door-pockets all offer enough space to stash whatever needs to be kept inside the car. The silver finish on the steering wheel may look tacky to some, as does the touchscreen to some extent. However, the 8.0-inch MediaNAV unit, though not the sharpest, works well and offers all the functionality anyone would need on the move.

Another thing about Renault cars that no one can take away from them is their ride quality and handling. The Triber AMT’s suspension is set up exceptionally well and it soaks up all sorts of abuse — from potholes and ruts to uncivilized speed-breakers. The seats, too, are quite wide and shapely and support large occupants with ease. Overall, the in-cabin experience is more than pleasant.

Renault Triber AMT Easy R

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