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Renault Kwid Climber long term

Welcome Renault Kwid Climber AMT
Convenient Upgrade

When boss said my new long-term had arrived, I went down to the garage, eager to see which car I would be driving around for the next few months. What awaited me was a bright blue Kwid Climber with a few streaks of orange. My first impression was that my previous long-termer (Kwid 1.0 RxL) had made some tasteful choices at the auto salon. Jokes apart, this car has begun its life in my garage on a positive note. It has all the advantages of the regular Kwid along with the convenience of an AMT. As before, I continue to pick my way through crowded streets quite easily albeit with more attention from passers-by than before. Come Christmas, my family has a small trip planned and, hopefully, it will help me assess the car’s performance on the highway. Until then, it is just the daily commute to and from office and grocery shopping for me.

Story: Ramnath Chodankar


About the author: Zal Cursetji



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