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Porsche have discontinued all diesel engine options in all of their model lines globally.

In a move that surprised many while being anticipated by some, Porsche have discontinued all diesel powered offerings for now, hinting at a move towards more advanced petrol and electric drivelines. As such, the diesel variants – Panamera 4S diesel and Macan S diesel – have been ousted from the line-up, with the new Cayenne getting only petrol power for now. However, reports also suggest a diesel engine for the new Cayenne is in the works. Their worldwide diesel sales account for about 15 per cent.

Given the attention oil-burners have been getting with regards to their real-world efficiency and nitrous oxide emissions, whether or not they emit lower carbon dioxide (CO2) stands irrelevant, with many nations contemplating a ban on the fuel. Although, in theory, diesel engines with selective catalytic reduction and particulate filters have been proven to be cleaner than their petrol contemporaries in various tests. Then, there’s the matter of the huge low-down torque that a diesel engine can inherently muster; as aptly demonstrated in the Panamera 4S diesel.

Porsche, while open to cleaner and more advanced future diesels, will, for now, focus on petrol and hybrid drivelines, as well as full electric offerings, even in cars such as the new Panamera (Turbo S e-hybrid) and the 911. Inspired by the 918 Spyder, the new Mission-E sports car will emulate the 911 in performance and variant structure while being a pure electric choice for those seeking renewable-energy-based performance.

Porsche diesel engine web

Porsche’s first-ever diesel offering came in 2008 in the Cayenne. The engine was from the VW Group

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