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The new Volvo S60 T4 marks the arrival of the next generation S60 that brings its drop-dead-gorgeous Norse styling with no-nonsense performance and practicality, and unmatched safety. How well does it take to Indian conditions?

new Volvo S60 T4

Story: Jim Gorde
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

You have to make a choice. Life is such. There is always a choice. A sports car brings massive power, thrilling performance and engaging dynamics, but with room for two and a hard ride all the time, it doesn’t make sense everywhere and for everything. Then, there are four-door coupés with massive engines that claim to balance the best of all worlds. A mistake made once is a mistake truly. The same mistake again is a choice. Get your head together and realisation dawns that, perhaps, big horsepower and a stiff ride aren’t necessities. They’re optional. What isn’t an option is the comfort, safety, practicality, reliability and, most importantly, peace of mind, that comes as a result of the right choice. That’s precisely how you know you’ve chosen well.

So, the new Volvo S60, then. It’s the latest challenger in the sport-luxury space but it’s more about luxury than sport. Its styling is modern and the freshest of the lot, with striking LED headlamps, sweeping lines, and elegant details – from the chrome window lining to the 18-inch wheels. The new S60 measures 4.76 metres long and runs a wheelbase measuring 2,872 mm — more than its primary rivals — the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, Jaguar XE and the presently absent Audi A4. It’s an attractive package to say the least. And the best part is, that’s literally just the surface.

new Volvo S60 T4

Inside the new Volvo S60, the cabin is as elegant as any large Volvo. The large rectangular air-vents, bare wood trim, aluminium highlights and the centrepiece large touchscreen make it instantly reminiscent of the larger XC60 and even its big sister, the S90. This one has the multi-way adjustable, powered everything to play with as well. It’s easy to get a sporty but ergonomic set-up that’s rather close to any focused sport coupé. It’s immensely comfortable and all controls fall into place easily. The touchscreen doesn’t take long getting used to and every function is clearly spelt out. The climate control, multimedia and sat-nav are all touch- or voice-controlled.

new Volvo S60 T4

The lower portion of the centre console houses the crafted start/stop knob and the drive mode selector; both of which seem like there was a trip to the jewellery store involved in the sourcing process. The new Volvo S60 offers a choice of interior and upholstery themes and this one had the dark brown upholstery and beige liners — elegant. Rather importantly, the new S60 offers more generous rear occupant space than before — even a bit more than the old S80, if I remember correctly. It, thus, can be self-driven or chauffeur-driven, as you like it; given well-marked and well-lit roads, it can pretty much drive itself thanks to Pilot Assist, but we’ll get to that later.

The interior has more trinkets and ornaments about. Every little element looks finely detailed and elegantly crafted. The finish is absolutely superb. Quality is a given and the user-friendliness can be a major deciding factor, if that’s high on the buyer’s list of priorities, of course. The interior air quality system is signature Volvo and is more relevant than ever in this day and age. The auto-climate and glass sunroof make the cabin brighter and feel more open. The Harmon Kardon premium sound system has a variety of speakers and settings and helps recreate a first-hand live experience. Besides, there’s also added connectivity via USB, Bluetooth, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Wireless charging is also another useful addition. It’s got something for everyone and it works well as a business saloon and even better as a family car. The space, the safety and the storage capabilities, including the 442-litre boot, all make for a usable and practical everyday car.

new Volvo S60 T4

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