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As reported earlier, the new BMW 545e xDrive plug-in hybrid saloon is now on sale in select global markets. The 394-hp sedan promises up to 58.8 km/l.

BMW 545e xDrive

The new BMW 5 Series was revealed earlier this year and we hoped to see a second plug-in hybrid model over the 530e. It’s now arrived. The 545e xDrive uses a more potent combustion engine and electric motor combination – similar to the one in the larger 745Le xDrive we tested earlier – to deliver more performance with incredible efficiency and a pure electric mode as well.

BMW 545e xDrive

The BMW 545e xDrive brings the same styling and modern design with all the creature comforts, equipment and connectivity of the up-to-date 5 Series, but with a more potent six-cylinder hybrid powertrain. It combines the 3.0-litre straight-six turbo-petrol with 286 hp and 450 Nm with an 80-kW e-motor capable of 109 hp and 265 Nm. Peak combined output is 394 hp and 600 Nm. The 400-volt, 12-kWh lithium-ion battery pack takes care of the needs of the electric motor. An eight-speed Steptronic automatic sends the power to the xDrive all-wheel drive system.

The drive modes allow selecting the type of propulsion. Hybrid mode is the default setting and ensures a balanced set-up with intelligent interaction between the combustion engine and the e-motor. Hybrid mode allows getting from zero to 100 km/ in 4.7 seconds and get up to a limited top speed of 250 km/h, while being capable of delivering up to 58.82 km/l and as low as 38 g/km of CO2, or so states the company on preliminary data from tests on the WLTP cycle.

In Hybrid mode, the electric motor is predominantly used while the combustion engine only kicks in at higher speeds or under load. The system is linked to the navigation system and, thus, the interaction between engine and e-motor is more precisely adapted, in an anticipatory manner, to the route profile, topography and other driving situations. Furthermore, the electric range is increased by recuperation in overrun and braking phases. The energy saved this way may then be used for locally emission-free driving.

Electric mode may be selected via the iDrive menu. Thanks to the usable 11.2 kWh of energy in the battery pack, the BMW 545e xDrive can travel for up to 54 km on electric power alone. Top speed in electric-only drive is 140 km/h. The consumption rate is 5.58 km/kWh. Again, this is from preliminary data from tests on the WLTP cycle.

BMW 545e xDrive

The BMW 545e xDrive has a slightly lower boot volume, at 410 litres, thanks to the battery pack being mounted below the rear seat. BMW also enable BMW Charging customers to reserve an enabled charging station for a limited period of time, thus offering the possibility of charging at home as well as outside. These also comprise various versions of the Wallbox with individual offers for the purchase of electricity and access to the world’s largest network of public charging stations comprising more than 1.5 lakh charging points in Europe alone.

The BMW Group expect more than 7 million electrified vehicle – electric and plug-in hybrid – to be on the roads by 2030.

BMW 545e xDrive

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