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The new BMW 5 Series has been officially revealed and it has a lot going on inside that’s never happened before.

New BMW 5 Series Inside

Following the formal digital reveal of the new BMW 5 Series, we discussed the exterior changes and the slew of new engines choices and powertrain updates it brings. Now, we take a look at what’s new inside the new 5er.

1) Perforated Nappa Leather with Quilting

New BMW 5 Series Inside

The new BMW 5 Series get a choice of extremely high quality Nappa leather upholstery. The seats can be had with perforated leather and also feature special quilting that makes it feel as special as those in the larger and more expensive 7 Series.

2) Centre 12.3-inch Screen and Cloud-based Maps

New BMW 5 Series Inside

The larger centre widescreen display in the new BMW 5 Series shows everything, from media and maps to connectivity and car settings, in crisp high-definition. BMW Maps now uses cloud-based navigation that’s faster and more precise, and is also set for over-the-air updates. Important route information is also shown in the head-up display (HUD) in the driver’s forward field of vision in the windshield. Every detail is more visible and the interactive benefits of the new more intelligent Personal Assistant put this larger display to good use.

3) BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

New BMW 5 Series Inside

The updated and more intelligent Intelligent Personal Assistant in the new BMW 5 Series has evolved to be more intuitive and smartly interacts and addresses and issues or concerns. Activation can be via voice commands – “Hey, BMW!” – to a push of a button on the steering wheel. The smart wispy graphics on the large new centre screen now also respond in the direction of the driver or the passenger depending on which side the command has come from.

4) Android Auto

New BMW 5 Series Inside

The spokesperson for the Bavarian major was extremely happy to announce that the new BMW 5 Series has Android Auto as standard. Those using smartphones running Google’s popular operating system now can have their settings and details seamlessly synced with their new car.

5) eDrive Zone

New BMW 5 Series Inside

A new feature specific to the new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle variants of the new BMW 5 Series, the eDrive Zone function ensures an automatic switch from the combustion engine hybrid mode to pure electric operating mode whenever the car enters inner city areas, such as low-emission zones, thanks to be linked to the navigation system and cloud-based maps.

New BMW 5 Series Inside

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