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New BMW 3 Series G20 at the Nurburgring

The new BMW 3 Series is close to hitting series production in its next-generation and is undergoing testing at the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife.

Among the world’s most popular luxury sedans, the BMW 3 Series is set to see the light of day in its seventh generation, codenamed G20. The sport-luxury icon has become the favourite for many who seek to combine everyday activity with sheer driving pleasure and, with a choice of powertrains to choose from, the 3 Series has always delivered on every count. Now, the new car aims to raise the bar yet again, while lowering everything from weight and fuel consumption to even its centre of gravity.

New BMW 3 Series G20 at the Nurburgring


A meaner face and leaner lines make for a more aggressive stance and the new 3, even behind the camo, sure looks the part. The new car has had several changes, including new suspension and damping, brakes and steering. Apart from a weight drop of up to 55 kg, the car is 10 millimetres lower than its F30 predecessor, with a claimed weight distribution and axle load a perfect 50:50. The body and suspension attachments are also significantly stiffer. The wheel tracks, that is, the distance between each front and rear wheel, have also been expanded, while camber angles have also been increased. This should prove to aid driving dynamics even further.

Petrol Engines

The new BMW 3 Series will sport motors compliant with the latest Euro6d-Temp emission norms. That means the petrols get a particulate filter as well. The new 3 will also pack the most powerful four-cylinder engine ever made by the Bavarian marque. While there will be the usual 320i, with a TwinPower Turbo four making about 200 PS this time round, with expected manual and automatic as well as rear-wheel drive or xDrive all-wheel models, the next in line is the big change. BMW will continue to use the ’30i’ badge for their four-cylinder motor in their new 260-PS model. A 340i with the straight-six will put out 365-370 PS – as much as the old M2. There is also talk of an M350i and a 500-PS M3, which, in all probability, will use an evolution of the engine with water-injection seen in the M4 GTS.

Diesel Engines

The diesels will also be revised. Expect to see the 1.5-litre three-cylinder TwinPower Turbo (also seen in the MINI Cooper) with 120+ PS in 316d guise – at least in the EU. A 318d will also be present, but India’s staple will be the 320d – with an optimized 2.0-litre four making slightly more power. Whether a 25d comes here remains to be seen. Global markets will also have the 265-PS straight-six 330d and, possibly, the 326-PS M340d as well.


The eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission has also been optimized, and the addition of an M sport differential, probably as an option, will further sharpen its handling characteristics and power delivery. The choice of xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive will also be offered for some models, with some potentially getting it as standard kit.  There’s a lot under the skin, including several evolved safety and assistance systems. There will also be a hybrid iPerformance model. Watch this space for more.

New BMW 3 Series G20 at the Nurburgring

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