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New 2018 Hyundai Santro - Nine Things You Need To Know

Hyundai Motors India have re-introduced the good ol’ OG, the Santro, in India. The Santro hatchback was the start of the ‘ginormous’ success story of the Korean car manufacturer on Indian soil. Sales of the first-gen Santro sky-rocketed Hyundai into becoming the second largest car manufacturer in the country and their success has not slowed in the least bit. With the launch of the new Santro today, we look at nine things you should know about the car.

  1. Return of the Santro:

As mentioned in the introduction this model is the start of Hyundai’s success in the country. The Santro is indeed the OG of the company. The car was launched in ’98 and was an immediate favourite of many. It had stiff competition at the time too. This is India and one company ruled the shores then and even now in many ways – Maruti Suzuki. The Hyundai Santro went up against one of Maruti’s favourite models, the Zen. However, Hyundai had two tricks up their sleeve, power-steering and a great price, resulting in people flocking to acquire one. The car was so successful that Hyundai started exporting the model to other Asian and Oceanic countries from their plant in Chennai. Hyundai did replace the Santro with another best seller, the Hyundai i10, and that was the end for the Santro name in India. Until now, where it has made a much-awaited return. Oh and Shahrukh is back too.

New 2018 Hyundai Santro - Nine Things You Need To Know

  1. Exterior:

The Santro keeps the tall-body shape that it always had, but only this time the styling is way more modern and contemporary. A meaty grill on a sportier hood makes the car look like its growling or smiling depending upon the angle you view it at. The Santro also seems to have a more planted stance, due to it being wider than the original and has slight wheel arches above the tarmac-touchers.

  1. Interior:

Hyundai has always packed their vehicles with interior comforts, often punching above their weight category. We are happy to say that the story is the same here. From power output and USB docks and keyless entry to rear wipers and even rear A/C vents, the Santro has it all. The interior is roomier too due to the car being a bit wider. The Santro is full of conveniences which the average consumer typically seeks out.

New 2018 Hyundai Santro - Nine Things You Need To Know

  1. Features:

Connectivity is abundant here. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Connectivity, and Voice Recognition which can be activated with a button on the steering wheel. The steering wheel also comes Bluetooth controls mounted, and it also gets a large 7-inch infotainment screen to name a few.

  1. Safety:

Hyundai have stressed upon the safety aspects of the new Santro. The car comes with a host of safety features, such as ABS and EBD as standard, Dual-front airbags, rear parking sensors, impact sensing auto door unlock, and seatbelt pre-tensioners among others. Safety is a major concern with most manufacturers, especially with traffic these days, and it is great to see Hyundai taking the steps needed to keep their customers safe.

New 2018 Hyundai Santro - Nine Things You Need To Know

  1. Engines & Fuel Efficiency:

The new Santro comes with a 1,100-cc four-cylinder petrol engine that makes 69PS at 5,500 rpm. The Hyundai Santro also offers up the option of a factory-fitted CNG variant which produces 59 PS and 84.34 Nm of twist if you want something more frugal. The claimed efficiencies for these options are 20.3 km/l and 30.48 km/kg respectively.

  1. Transmission:

You also get two options on the gearbox front. A Five-speed manual transmission and a Smart Auto AMT developed in-house by the Korean carmaker. And since fuel efficiency numbers are identical on both setups, you can opt for your preferred transmission without having to worry about how it will affect your wallet.

New 2018 Hyundai Santro - Nine Things You Need To Know

  1. Variants:

Hyundai is offering nine alternatives of the Santro. These are segregated into five variants – D-Lite, Era, Magna, Sportz, and the Asta. However, only the Magna and Sportz variants are available in either AMT or CNG options.

  1. Pricing:

Pricing is an area where Hyundai have always been competitive. The base version which is the D-lite starts at Rs 3.89 lakh (ex-showroom) and the most expensive is the Sportz CNG variant which carries a sticker of Rs 5.64 lakh (ex-showroom). Customers can also choose from the seven other variants that fall in between the D-lite and Sportz CNG, depending on budget and preferences.

New 2018 Hyundai Santro - Nine Things You Need To Know

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The Santro is well and truly back then. It was a car that stole the show in its segment when we first saw it 20 years ago. The big question is – how will it fare in today’s day an age? The segment it falls into is no longer one that’s made up of just a solitary competitor, but instead a cut-throat war waging between quite a few major players who have picked up a fair bit of experience in the Indian market and are all quite competitively priced too. So welcome back Hyundai Santro, and let the competition begin.

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