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MG Cybester Concept sketch

Is the MG Cyberster roadster a concept that would reintroduce the British car marque back to its heyday as a small sports car manufacturer?

MG have a boastful history when considering the small-capacity sports cars during the 1950s and ’60s. Their cars we pretty and did not cost an arm or leg as an Italian one would. But, as the years passed, the company gave way to the bigger manufacturers and that was that, or so we thought. The company was then bought by the Chinese manufacturer SAIC and, soon, the MG badge was being slapped on to new models once again.

MG Cybester Concept sketch

In India, MG have seen a fair bit of success that started with the launch of their nerdy yet butch compact SUV, the Hector. But, now, MG have teased a roadster and that falls right into their own heritage portfolio. The MG Cyberster is an all-electric vehicle with sharp and stunning design features. From the sketches, we see quite a large bonnet with sharp lined that flow seamlessly past the cabin and large flared rear wheels until it cuts off sharply at the end with an interesting lighting system. The lighting system does seem to represent the Union Jack in its shape, another nod to its British heritage.

MG Cyberster Concept

Electric sports card do seem to be making their way into the hearts and minds of people but still have a long way before they can be considered a viable option for India. The world, though, has seen these vehicles gaining momentum both with the general public and the performance-oriented souls. One look at the Teslas, Rimacs and the stunning Volkswagen ID-R should stand tall for that argument but those are expensive vehicles and a smaller roadster could just be the extra push needed, a game-changer, for the electric sports car industry. Well, welcome to the party MG Cyberster. When will you be ready?


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