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MG Motor’s MG 7 made its mark at the 20th Shanghai international automobile industry exhibition.

MG’s immersive stand featured four unique zones, each highlighting the brand’s diverse portfolio. The stand was divided into the MG International area, new energy area, vehicle appreciation area, and the MG 7 rain house.

The MG 7 rain house was a standout attraction, allowing visitors to capture photos of the car in front of a cinematic black backdrop against a rain screen. In the international business and new energy exhibition area, attendees could learn about MG’s history, major milestones, and global achievements, such as the development and launch of the successful all-electric MG 4.

However, it was the new MG 7 that took center stage, with its fastback design imbued with British flair, frameless doors, adaptive electric three-section tail wings, and ultra-luxurious features from top to bottom. The interior of the MG 7 is an ultra-luxurious experience, boasting a BOSE centerpoint deep sea surround sound system, dinamica high quality suede, topload openable glass enclosure, and an intelligent cockpit of the BANMA Luoshen 8155.
The MG 7 offers two power packs, a 2.0- litre turbo engine with nine-speed automatic and a 1.5-litre turbo with seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, delivering an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. The mCDC intelligent adjustable electronic suspension and E-LSD electronically limited slip differential ensure driving safety while providing a comfortable driving experience.

In March 2023, the MG 7 broke the guinness world record for the greatest altitude change by a petrol-powered car, starting at China’s lowest point, the Aiding lake, at 148.379m below sea level, and finishing at the top of the Lhasa pass in Tibet, with a cumulative altitude difference of 5978.17m. This feat demonstrated the car’s capabilities and strength, leaving no doubt about the brand’s commitment to quality and performance.
MG Motor has proven its commitment to quality, performance, and innovation with its latest offering, the MG 7. Its stunning features and impressive performance have cemented its place in the car enthusiast community. With a rich history and a bright future, MG Motor is a brand to watch out for.




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