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After the Benz, AMG, and Maybach suffixes, it’s Mercedes EQ time. A premium electric onslaught is in the offing with not one, not two, but six new offerings by 2022, and then some.

Mercedes EQ

With a clear target of leadership in electric drives and vehicle software, Mercedes-Benz have a plan for consistent electrification of the entire product portfolio as a key element of their strategic focus, “Ambition 2039”, and a massive step forward towards CO2 neutrality. The Mercedes EQ sub-brand looks to establish itself with authority as Daimler/Mercedes-Benz AG have a slew of new introductions, from luxury saloons to SUVs of all sizes, under their new electric umbrella with a target of an eight-product portfolio by the end of 2022.

Following the Mercedes EQ compact SUV, the EQC, already on sale in India, and the EQV MPV that came after that, the new EQS will be the next addition to the model range, followed by an EQA compact SUV. The coming two years will see the introduction of six new Mercedes EQ models, including the EQS, EQA as well as the EQB compact SUV, an EQE executive saloon, and two sedan-counterpart SUV models, the EQE and EQS.

Mercedes EQ

Mercedes EQS

In Germany, the Sindelfingen plant will make the Mercedes EQS electric luxury sedan with a launch pencilled for the first half of 2021.

Mercedes EQ

Mercedes EQA

The Rastatt plant will handle production of the EQA electric compact SUV, which will also take place in China at the Beijing plant in 2021.

Mercedes EQB

In Hungary, the Kecskemét plant will make the second all-electric compact SUV, EQB, with a target for production later this year. Beijing will also make the EQB.

Mercedes EQ

Mercedes EQE

In Bremen, Germany, again, this year, production of the EQE business sedan will commence and will also happen in Beijing thereafter.

Mercedes EQS SUV / EQE SUV

Lastly, in the USA, the Tuscaloosa plant will begin making the SUV versions of the EQS and EQE in 2022.

Future Mercedes EQ Models?

An EQC saloon and, perhaps, even an EQG SUV may also be expected following the introduction of the aforementioned models.

Mercedes EQ Battery Production

Mercedes-Benz have an integral battery production network set to meet all needs as well. The start of production for battery systems for the EQS and the EQE is imminent in Hedelfingen and Untertürkheim, close to Stuttgart in Germany. Compact SUV battery systems will be produced at plants at Kamenz, Germany, and also in Jawor, Poland. The battery plant in Tuscaloosa will cater to the EQS SUV and EQE SUV from 2022.

Mercedes EQ MBUX Hyperscreen

Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen

With the EQS, Mercedes will introduce completely new systems, including MBUX Hyperscreen: a unique control system that combines aesthetics with unique usability thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Across the width of the interior, the driver and front passenger are shown exactly what they want and need in the relevant situation. Mercedes say they will offer their best software solution yet in the new EQS with a revolutionary underlying AI and a learning system beyond that which will prove to be more impressive with every use.

Mercedes EQ has been around for some time now and in various guises. It started with the “EQ Boost” 48-volt mild-hybrid system. “EQ Power” was the name given to plug-in hybrids, with the Formula 1 team running the most potent “EQ Power+” system: a 1.6-litre V6 hybrid with more or less 1,000 hp. The Mercedes-AMG One will feature a version of that powertrain rev-limited for the road, apart from other changes.


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