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An LS2 engine, 730 hp, cross-plane crankshaft and a whole lot of aero marks the AMG GT Black Series apart.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021

Mercedes-AMG GT Black SeriesWhat? Yes, the new codename for the 4.0-litre biturbo V8 petrol engine that goes under the bonnet in the front-mid section of the AMG GT Black Series is “M178 LS2”. While that makes a base for LS2 swap jokes, this one means serious business so I’ll refrain. Unlike what was reported earlier – that the AMG GT Black Series would make 635-650 hp [I could not have been more wrong and am happy to be!], the V8 has seen significantly work and new components and revisions and that has made it deliver a peak output of 730 hp between 6,700 and 6,900 rpm and a hefty 800 Nm of peak torque between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm. Quite the wallop, that will be for sure! The engine runs a 180° flat- or cross-plane crankshaft, a 1-8-2-7-4-5-3-6 firing order, and ignition in the flat-plane V8 jumps from one cylinder bank to the next, which further improves the gas cycle and makes for even more rapid response.

The transmission is an adapted version of the AMG 7SS, with the SpeedShift DCT 7G seven-speed dual-clutch unit ready to take on the deluge of torque on tap. Where I’d usually say “funnel it to the rear wheels” it’s not the case. This is the AMG GT Black Series and, like its SLS predecessor and AMG GT siblings, it has a front-engine-rear-gearbox set-up with a carbon-fibre torque-tube – weighing just 13.9 kg – directly connecting the engine output shaft to the gearbox input shaft and spinning at said speeds of up to 6,700-6900 rpm in the process. This makes for better weight distribution and better traction as a result.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021

The looks, I won’t dive into so much. It’s visually similar to the AMG GT3 race car with its bold, wide front grille. The long bonnet, low coupé silhouette and massive wing are obvious, but the gills, slats, red V8 lettering shadow, and body shaping tweaks are subtle. All of them contribute to what is sure to be a breathtaking super sports car. The last Black Series – the 631-hp SLS AMG Black – has been eclipsed with 99 more horses. The SL 65 Black Series – hitherto the most powerful AMG – is also now in second place in the history books with its 670 hp 6.0-litre biturbo V12. It’s natural competitor, then, comes from down the road in Stuttgart in Zuffenhausen, a few metro stations away from the Mercedes facility, the 700-hp Porsche 911 GT2 RS. (No, not even the 650-hp Turbo S as I first imagined!)

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021

So, what does this engine do for the AMG GT Black Series? It’s unlike any other AMG GT and has a completely independent character. That, AMG say, is not only reflected in the type of power delivery but also in its very distinct exhaust note. Impressive driving performance is a given and the AMG GT Black Series will shoot from zero to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, then hit 200 km/h in under nine seconds and get up to a top speed of 325 km/h. I believe a visit to the Nürburgring with the upgraded beast is in the offing, with a target time of less than seven minutes.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021

All this is possible also thanks to the lighter weight and extensive use of carbon-fibre and other lightweight materials. There’s a lightweight carbon-fibre roof with a sunken centre, a carbon-fibre tailgate with small spoiler lip, and a larger rear windscreen made from lightweight thin glass. It also brings the two-stage rear aerofoil concept with the rear wing upper flap automatically inclining and extending  at 250 km/h, providing up to 400 kg of added downforce. Suspension duties are taken care of by coil-over suspension with AMG Ride Control adaptive damping.

Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series 2021

Yes, the order books in India will be opened shortly we hope. It won’t be cheap. Expect it to be almost twice the cost of the AMG GT R.

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Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

AMG Black Series Models (L-R) CLK, C, GT, SLK, SL, SLS


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